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Pressing the vibrator against the top of your vagina (such as pressing it towards your belly) may provide g-spot stimulation or even indirect clitoral stimulation. Play with the speed of the vibrator.Most vibrators have multiple speed settings (or at least two settings). If a vibrator feels too strong at first you can put a towel between you and the vibrator, or just press it lightly against your body. You may find that on some areas a lower speed is all you need, and on others stronger is better. Some vibrators have “pulsation” settings, but you can also play with turning the strength up and down in rapid succession.
In some cases, the researcher has also been interacting with the child(ren) during their play sessions or afterwards in stimulated recall interviews. The sessions have been video recorded and prevailing ethical guidelines have been followed. In total, the data consists of approximately four hours of video recordings from the preschool and four hours from the after-school centre. Interviews have been transcribed in full and the sessions where children are playing with the synthesiser and interacting with the musical technology are described in detail.
Our range of sex toys for her includes vibrators, dildos, anal toys and bondage gear for all the internal and external pleasure she craves. Jaggar-McLean shows me a remote-controlled couples toy, Kegel balls, penis rings, and a penis stroker. She talks me through her products with such unflinching maturity and honesty that instead of feeling uncomfortable, I start to wonder why my group of friends don’t talk about sex toys in this same way? Perhaps it’s the Catholic guilt, or maybe it’s because growing up, masturbation was seen as something we shouldn’t be doing.