75 Eye-Catching Silent Auction Ideas to Help You Bring in the Bids

That means your guests might find themselves tangled up in long line-ups or having to elbow their way to the front. This takes away from the time they could be socializing with others or learning about your organization. Partner with a Google Grants manager to apply and create ads that target keywords that potential attendees are searching. Professionals know how to use features like geotargeting to make sure you’re only spending money on advertising to local audiences.
That’s why some experts recommend NOT placing anything on the silent auction table that you hope to sell for more than $500. Whether you use a vendor, or come up with memorabilia or items on your own, it’s your decision. Either way, the following suggestions should help in your efforts to host a successful silent auction. Bid sheets are an essential tool when you are planning a silent auction. This guide will show you a step-by-step process to creating a bid sheet for your silent auction.
In part, that’s because you can ask a lot of different types of businesses to donate one or more. Most of the revenue that comes from special events is from auctions, raffles or some other fundraising vehicle rather than the ticket revenues. The silent auction can significantly increase the overall funds raised at your event. Silent auctions can easily be incorporated into a larger event. Most events that are held indoors can also have a silent auction.
Your bidders will appreciate the intuitive navigation within the auction app, allowing them to find and bid on auction items quickly and easily. They’ll even receive instant push notifications that let them know when they have a new message or have been outbid. Snowball Fundraising is an online fundraising platform with several software packages to choose from—including silent auction software! how to do silent auction builds upon their existing framework of affordable and user-friendly fundraising tools, including online giving pages, text-to-give functionality, and more.
Make sure every item can be found in your mobile bidding system, as well, and keep items out of their packaging for a better view, if possible. Some silent auctions will include a way for guests to “buy now,” so that’s an important consideration for your planning. This means setting a “buy now” price which gets the purchaser the item right away. You’d have to work out what a fair price is, and of course, you risk that the item could have sold for more during the auction process. Silent auctions may be run in-person, online, or as a hybrid of both of those.
With CauseVox’ new Silent Auctions (Beta) functionality, you can keep bidders informed with real-time updates on the number of bids, watchers, and current bid amounts. The clear bidding buttons make it easy for anyone to up the ante and keep the competition alive, ultimately driving up donation amounts and leading to greater anticipation and participation. The more items you have on offer at your nonprofit silent auction, the more opportunities there are for people to bid and donate. Offer items at different price points to attract bidders with varying budgets.